Meet The Schools

Prior’s Court School

Prior’s Court School is a registered charity providing education and residential care for young people with complex autism, aged 5-25.

Set within a 50 acre site near Hermitage, we have extensive bespoke facilities to help our young people to be healthy, happy, more independent and have the opportunity to work. Accessing the services offered by the Newbury RDA provides our young people with benefits around communication, motor skills and physical exercise and, most importantly, is an enjoyable activity for them to engage with.

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Mary Hare School

Mary Hare School is both a day and boarding school for deaf children in Newbury.

The Newbury RDA are incredibly informative and helpful. They have provided invaluable support to our adults and children who have attended weekly sessions. Working with our deaf children, they are patient and enthusiastic. The Newbury RDA encourage the children whilst ensuring that they provide clear instructions to support language and understanding. The children gain many benefits from working with horses such as developing their self-awareness, assertive communication and developing their physical strength such as core stability and coordination. Each week the children return from the Newbury RDA beaming with pride and confidence and keen to share what they have learnt with others.

— Head Teacher

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Trinity School

Trinity School is a co-educational secondary school with academy status in Newbury.

Four Trinity School riders on their ponies at Wyld Court

Trinity School riders on their ponies at Wyld Court

Newbury RDA has been a great experience for our students. Each week students look forward to horse-riding and seeing their ponies again. They have learnt to respect these animals, with whom they are developing a special working bonds.

These students wouldn’t otherwise get an opportunity to ride or learn how to care for ponies. Learning to ride has made a huge difference to their confidence, and in turn has a positive impact upon their school lives.

Sessions at the RDA motivate our students and give them a sense of purpose. Students like the opportunity to learn a new skill in an alternative environment, whilst building a greater number of adult relationships too with people who they may see as role models. It gives our students the opportunity to build relationships with the coaches, who guide them and teach them everything they need to know when it comes to successfully riding and caring for the ponies.

Riding for the disabled develops problem solving skills, and most of all has improved their self-confidence, both inside and outside of school. Parents comment on how much students look forward to their RDA sessions and the benefits that are seen in the home environment as well as within school. Thank you for all you do for our students.

Luke Hammond
HLTA Autism Resource

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Fir Tree School

Fir Tree School is a primary school in Newbury.

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The Avenue School

The Avenue School takes children of all ages with complex medical and physical needs in Reading.

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Theale Church of England Primary School

Theale School is a primary school that has a special unit for children who have autism spectrum disorder.

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