Meet the Ponies

The ponies are the tools of our work. We depend on them, we couldn’t operate without them and it is the ponies who the children love. They do a magnificent job and bring great happiness and benefit to the children.

Before we take ponies on, we have them on trial to see if they like RDA work, fit in with our regime and the other ponies. They have to be very special horses, well behaved, patient and kind. Ponies are difficult to source and we are lucky to have such magnificent team.

Our Stable Manager, Danielle, and our Pony Trustee, Clare, have now got a good team of ponies together. They seem to be happy and are all working well.

All of Newbury RDA’s horses and ponies are microchipped and freezemarked.


Bandit joined us in September 2018. He is a 22 year old 13.1hh brown cob with lots of big white feathers on his legs. He joined us from a local riding school where they loved him but he has to live out due to having a dust allergy so didn't fair living the winter in the riding school barns. He has proved to be a very good RDA pony as he isn't too tall but can carry a decent weight.


Genesis has been with us since October 2018. She is an 14 year old 15hh piebald cob. She has two wall (blue) eyes. Being the biggest and heaviest of our ponies she is a wonderful calm weight carrier for our bigger riders. Nothing fazes this lovely girl.


Goldie has become a very popular member of our pony team joining us in September 2019. He is an 20 year old 12.1hh Welsh section B mounted games pony. He is very sweet with our small riders.


Rio has been with us since July 2017 and is a very steady sweet pony. He is a 20 year old 14hh Welsh cob. He is a very comfortable ride and is a great pony for all ages.


Rosie is a fairly new member of the team and settling in well. She is a 15 year old 14hh piebald mare. She's very kind and laid back and loves her food.


Ruby is a 13hh skewbald mare. She is 11 years old and was previously in a riding stable.


Ted has been with us the longest arriving in March 2016. He is 21 years old and is 13hh. Ted has been a great servant to us and is very sweet to the children. He always likes to say hello to them when they get off after their ride.... it might be that he is hoping for a treat! Ted reacts to insect bites so has to wear a special fly rug in the summer to protect him.