About us

Riding for the Disabled (RDA) is a national charity which was set up in 1969, and last year, celebrated its 50th Anniversary. It is a charity where horses benefit the lives of over 25,000 disabled children and adults. With fun activities like riding and carriage driving it provides therapy, fitness, skills development and opportunities for achievement – all supported by 18,000 amazing volunteers and qualified coaches at nearly 500 RDA centres all over the UK.

Here at Newbury RDA, which is run from the stables at Wyld Court Stud, Hampstead Norreys, we provide riding sessions for over 80 children from schools in the Newbury and surrounding areas. The lessons take place every day during the term time, morning and afternoon. At the weekends, we run a few lessons for individual riders on a Sunday morning but for the rest of the weekend the ponies have a well-earned break.

“Newbury RDA is a voluntary organisation, and we are always looking for volunteers to assist with the children, ponies or just the general upkeep. If you are interested, please do get in touch."

"We can only carry out our life-changing activities thanks to the generosity of our donors, the dedication of our volunteers and the good nature of our fantastic ponies,”
Lucy Hanbury
Newbury RDA Chair